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Free Viet Labor Federation (abbreviated to Viet Labor) is an organisation of labor groups inside and outside Vietnam to protect the rights of workers in and outside Vietnam.Viet Labor’s aim is for the affiliated groups to assist one another, and coordinate when necessary, to further their common aim: We want wages and conditions that reflect fairly our work. We want safe and sanitary working conditions. To meet this aim, affiliated groups share experiences: How to put together a petition .. How to strike effectively .. What to do when the employer does not pay overtime allowance .. What to do when the employer makes deductions then puts these moneys into their pockets .. To find out more, please email us at


Briefing Paper on Viet Labor

Recently a number of western lawmakers, government officials, union officials, and NGOs asked Viet Labor for information on what it does. So, Viet Labor has updated its existing document to create the one below (click here to download the PDF).

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